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We are making ripples in energy saving. Swadha Energies is revolutionizing the domain by the developing state of the art energy saving devices in partnership with IIT Madras.

Swadha Energies Core Policies

Innovation and Energy Saving

Accelerating energy conservation is the sole motto that Swadha abides by. Most of the technologies do not reach the mass because of the high costs involved.


Together, we can run faster, reach higher and achieve more than any one of us can alone. We relish opportunities to collaborate because it’s invigorating & enlightening

Integrity & Reliability

Doing what's right is sacred to us. We are responsible, even when nobody's looking. We set high standards from which we never back down.

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Small Offices & IT Parks
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Theaters & Auditorium
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Real Estate
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Shopping Mall
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Why Us?


Swadha Energies Help you save the MAXIMUM amount of Energy with the lowest Spend amount.

Swadha Energies has the lowest complexity of Installation which can be set up in no time


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Handles the tonnage of the AHUs. Assists in maintaining the desired temperature and conserve energy.

A smart card; a subset of EURUS

Detects human presence; adjusts cold air supply accordingly.

Assists in opening and closing of the duct flaps, eventually controlling the cold air supply.

Keeps a count of the energy consumption; eases data management.