Our Technology

Magic of power electronics is on its strong pace to revolutionize the upcoming world. IOT (Internet of Things) as well will not stay back in changing this world. Automation forms the basic necessity of every sector now. With the advent of Integrated Circuit chips, Printed Circuit boards etc., system can be made more compact and much more reliable. This also improves the efficiency to a greater extent. Machine learning and sensor availability in every domain greatly supports in making the system more independent and performs all the assigned jobs automatically.Well, not many possess this expertise as the process and technology has just begun. Swadha, given a balancing shoulder by IIT madras, has dexterity in working towards this technology.

All the present generation devices run on DC including LED lights, mobile and laptop charger, electronic devices etc. Others like fan, refrigerator, air conditioner, pumps etc. contain motor which can also run on DC. With the upcoming innovations in the field of power electronics, running all the devices with a DC source will be effective. Solar power is a convalescing technology which makes it possible to run every equipment, ranging from home to office, on solar without any consumption of power is a dream come true. Efficiency is higher due to zero AC to DC conversion losses.

Another success lies in design of excellent algorithms to make the system more efficient. Having expertise in sensing all the parameters accurately and further to that logging all data, gives us an excellent understanding on what is happening. A perfect algorithm can be designed with this.

Using Solar also has one of the most important advantage. One can use as much power from solar as per the availability, operate all load on variable speed – meaning, when more solar energy is available, consume more, when solar is less, run load in lower capacity. We have expertise in the speed control mechanism who have made such things possible.

Our innovation: Our innovation in green building cooling system has greatly solved two major problems. First, the issue of unbalanced air distribution is solved by making every portion of room get equal amount of cooling. This avoids problem of extremities of temperature. The other problem that energy wastage in an unoccupied zone is also avoided by putting off the VAV. Our innovation gives Decentralized Air Con in Centralized Air Con system.